Dehkia Co. was registered in 1992 with the aim of promoting and selling eyewear products all over Iran. Soon after, an exclusive distribution agreement was reached with Eschenbach, which continued for 20 years. In 2011, another exclusive distribution agreement was signed, this time with Vistan Co, a prominent German brand known for its timeless designs and lasting quality. During the last 5 years, two new exclusive distribution deals have been signed. In addition to Vistan, we now represent Young4U and their globally renown brand G.F. Ferre. Dehkia are also exclusive distributors of Henko, Lapo, Proximo, Owlet, Oclip and Oblue, excellent brands created by our partners at Opal France. Thanks to the amazing brands we represent, and our reliable service, we have expanded our distribution network to over 300 active stores across the country.


Quality Guarantee

At Dehkia we are confident our products are of highest quality. That is why we provide a 12 months warranty on all items sold.

Nationwide Sales Network

Dehkia provides an unrivalled access to the Iranian market for global brands. We have an extensive network of over 300 stores and opticians across Iran. We regularly visit our clients to assess their needs ensuring the provision of the highest standard of service.

Reliability and Professional Conduct

At Dehkia we value the partnerships we form with our clients and partners. That is how we have thrived over the last 25 years, establishing partnerships that are built on trust, respect and professionalism. We settle our invoices early and deliver our orders on time. Being reliable is good for business.

Customer Support

Our team at Dehkia are committed to providing comprehensive support to every clients. We provide in-store repairs on all frames sold by us, regardless on date of purchase. We also provide marketing and sales support for the stores and opticians that work with us.




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